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Longings of a democracy

Three poems by Abhishek Anicca

All roads lead to Gandhi Maidan

I once saw a man bare footed

holding a flag, walking, walking

on exhibition road in the middle

of June, a plastic bottle in his hand

a bag on his right shoulder which hung

like the smallest branch of the banyan tree

under which buddha attained enlightenment

In his bag, he must have been carrying

the leftovers of an elusive democracy

The art of lying

My failure in love finds comfort

in our collective failure

as a democracy

At least I am no longer

lying to myself

The future is ours

She reads my palm on a sunny day

and tells me democracy is out of my hand

I want to protest

but my landlord will throw me out

If he hears me shouting laal salaam

we shut out the sun

undrape our bodies

reject the establishment

and start making the right noises

everything turns red

crevices that awaited change

sweat and saliva

hammer and tong

It takes two revolutionaries

to take a stand

ID: An artwork of people coming together to protest with democracy written on it. Source: Google Images (under Creative Commons)

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