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Prescription for sad souls

Abhishek Anicca

Write a letter, send a message

find a friend, or an acquaintance

tell them to hold your hand.

There is no shame in holding on.

Hold on, find comfort

when you are sinking.

Don't sink.

Your life isn't the titanic.


Hug, shake hands, hold hands.

Sit with shoulders touching.

Sit with your backs together.

Right now, you are babies

in need of kangaroo therapy.

Don't be shy.

If you don't like touching

Let words touch you.

Conversations, poetry, procrastination

Pour it within you.


Listen to the music you love.

Read stories that you love.

Speak words that you love.

'Thank you', 'You are so kind'

'That's amazing', 'shit', 'fuck'.

Love, people who are worthy.

Love, people who need your love.

Love, people who love back.

Love, yourself.

Image Description: Digital art by Abhishek Anicca (Copyright - Abhishek Anicca)

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